The Attic AI: Knowledge Management Reimagined

Save countless hours of searching with instant answers obtained from only your content

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What is The Attic AI?

The Attic AI is a cutting-edge platform that handcrafts artificial intelligence to revolutionize knowledge management for modern enterprises. By transforming unstructured data into an intelligent, secure, and easily searchable knowledge base, The Attic AI empowers organizations to streamline information access, enhance productivity, and thrive in the era of distributed work.

Built on top of our own custom models, The Attic is safe and secure, ensuring your data is not made public,
and has the ability to deploy anywhere.

We are not AI Powered, We are the AI that powers systems.

Want to witness the magic in action?

Our Products: Making Enterprise Knowledge Accessible

1. Knowledge Management Platform: Our core product ingests unstructured content and transforms it into an intelligent assistant primed with your organization's information. Ask it questions in plain language and get instant, accurate answers sourced from the relevant materials.

Key Benefits:

- Accelerates onboarding and training by providing instant access to materials
- Allows distributed teams to easily collaborate with shared knowledge base
- Drastically reduces time wasted searching across information silos
- Enhances customer and employee self-service
- Automates tedious proposal documentation processes

Use Cases - Create an Instant AI For:

- New employee onboarding & generational knowledge transfer
- Internal knowledge access & interaction
- Field service technicians accessing repair manuals
- Distributed team collaboration

2. Automated Proposal Generation: Specifically designed for government contracting, this solution streamlines the RFP response process by auto-generating proposal drafts tailored to the exact requirements. Users simply upload an RFP, Corporate information and past performance, and our AI synthesizes this information into a compliant response.

Key Benefits:

- Reduces manual proposal costs by over 70% through automation
- Increases number of RFP bids pursued annually by 5x
- Accelerates proposal drafting from months to hours
- Enables rapid responses to tight RFP deadlines
- Ensures proposals directly address RFP criteria for better alignment

Use Cases – AI Powered Proposal Writer:

- Instantly create a compliance matrix and Red Team proposals
- Effortlessly respond to more state, local and federal RFPs
- Save substantial time and money required for manual proposals
- Tailor credentials precisely to ever-changing RFP criteria
- Increase win rates through better aligned proposals

The Attic AI integrates securely with your existing systems including SharePoint, Box, network drives and more. Available via web portal, GovCloud, or on-prem.

Advanced Security: Bank-grade encryption, access controls, and strict data policies keep your information ultra-secure while still easily accessible to authorized users. Redaction capabilities allow sensitive data to be anonymized.

Let your organization benefit from quick, efficient access to institutional knowledge with The Attic AI. Schedule a demo today!

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